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Ichiro: Master Netsuke Carver (2009)
by Norman L. Sandfield and Huey G. Shelton

101 pages, 100 color illustrations of more than 150 netsuke, okimono, and ojime by the popular 20th century netsuke artist Ichiro Inada. Ichiro: Master Netsuke Carver is one of the very few books dedicated to the work of a single netsuke artist.

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The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography

The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography of more than 4,400 bibliographic print and non-print entries covering all aspects of Japanese netsuke, the miniature carvings which Japanese men used to suspend various items from the sash belt that fastened their kimono. It is organized into 15 major and 5 minor categories. Each category is further divided into 11 subcategories. Additional features include four indices (Author, Journal, Place, and Subject), and a variety of appendices.

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The "Cheat Sheet" for Netsuke Signatures

A guide to 102 of the most common and important Japanese characters found in netsuke signatures.

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The Inro Knot Booklet

A step by step illustrated guide to tying different knots for hanging medicine boxes.

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