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Norman L. Sandfield's Netsuke Home Page


International Netsuke Society
(Formerly the Netsuke Kenkyukai Society, founded in 1975). Devoted to the study and collection of netsuke and related sagemono art forms. The Society publishes a journal for collectors and holds international meetings bi-annually. Membership in the society includes a subscription to its quarterly, 60-page, color, illustrated magazine, the International Netsuke Society Journal. Among the other Society activities are a biennial convention held in the United States and local chapter meetings in the United States, Japan and Europe. There are over 625 society members living in 31 different countries.
International Netsuke Society Forums, International Netsuke Society Message Board
For collectors, carvers and anyone who is interested in learning about netsuke and the carving of them.
Paragon Book Gallery (Chicago, Illinois)
The foremost source in the United States for books on Asia since 1948, and now the world's largest bookstore for new and antiquarian books and magazines on Asian Art and Antiques, with a very fine knowledge and interest on netsuke publications.
Toledo Museum of Art Library
Home of the Norman L. Sandfield Netsuke and Oriental Art Library

You can now search just the Sandfield Collection through this search link:

Нэцкэ etc. - a Russian-language Netsuke portal project
A new well-designed, Russian-language Netsuke portal project, specially for Russian collectors and carvers, but open to all Russian language readers. (There is no English language portion currently.)
Koryuen, Site for More Appreciation of Netsuke
By Makiko Komada: With many good links, especially to netsuke information in Japan.
Janel Jacobson's Internet Gallery of Netsuke, Ojime and Small Sculptures
The Carving Path Forum
"The Carving Path welcomes carvers from many disciplines, whose work involves small scale carving. We hope that this forum will provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning." Maintained by Janel Jacobson.
Society for Japanese Arts, The Netherlands
"Bringing together collectors and those interested in Japanese art in general and graphic art more specifically in order to further the appreciation of these arts and their study." Has many links for Asian Studies and Arts.
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
LACMA is the home of the Raymond and Frances Bushell collection of netsuke, and the Cornelius Roosevelt Netsuke Library. It contains an encyclopedic array of 836 works from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Installations of netsuke are composed of 150 works grouped by theme and are rotated every three months.

More than 1,300 of their netsuke are viewable on-line at:
The Cohen Collection of Asian antiques
A reference catalogue of fine antique netsukes, inro, snuff bottles, pendants and jades on a CD-ROM. 645 colour photographs, all fully described by either Neil K. Davey or Robert Hall (includes close-ups of all signatures and seals).
Articles of interest:
  • Netsuke Cord Holes (Himotoshi)
  • Sprinkled, Not Painted Pictures - Japanese Lacquer
  • The Fascination of Japanese lacquer Inro and Boxes
  • Japanese Netsuke, Ojime and Inro Really Belong Together
  • Keeping and Handling Japanese Inro
Doug Sanders (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Possibly the newest and youngest netsuke-shi in America.
Gregg Stradiotto (Sedona, Arizona)
Sergey Osipov, Netsuke carver
Sergey Osipov, Netsuke carver, living in Kiev, capital of the Ukraine.
Carves beautiful animals, mostly in wood. Nice website!
Orientations, The Magazine for Collectors and Connoisseurs of Asian Art
When in Chicago
Field Museum of Natural History
Visit the 200 lacquerware items (with dozens of fine inro, most en suite) from the Karl Kroch and Leslie collections, on the second floor overlooking the main hall.
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