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Charges for Appraisals, Evaluations, and Research Services

I have been receiving an increasing volume of requests asking for information, comments, research, evaluations, and appraisals regarding Japanese netsuke, art and antiques.

If you were to bring me a large collection of netsuke and ask for a verbal evaluation, my charges generally start at $100. If only a few minutes are required to evaluate a small number of items there might be a minimum charge of $25.

If there is a chance that we will end up doing some business together, then I would not charge for most of these services, or those charges would be included in with the other business costs.

Most Sincerely,
Norman L. Sandfield

P.S. As a comparison, please check out one of many Internet options, such as www.worthpoint.com.

For more information, please contact:

Norman L. Sandfield
3150 N. Sheridan Road, #10B
Chicago, IL 60657-4838
TEL: (773) 327-1733
FAX: (773) 327-1791
EMAIL: norman@sandfield.org
WEB: www.internetsuke.com

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