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Inro Cord

Dear Friends,

I am very proud to offer you what is probably the largest selection of authentic Japanese inro cord outside of Japan. In addition to the Color List and Price Guide for inro cord, I have produced a set of swatch cards to help you select the proper cord for your needs.

The swatch cards display a length of each cord tied in a simple one loop knot. You can see the actual color, texture and feel of each cord and the knot it might make. There is only one set of these cards. You can see these cards on this website, when you visit me in Chicago, or at any antique show where I am exhibiting.

Since inro cord is fairly easy to pack and mail, I can send out packages of precut cords in your choice of colors and price. You can select those you like, and return the ones that do not meet your needs, along with the payment for those you are keeping, plus $10. postage.

Please let me know how we can proceed to meet your needs for inro cord.

Norman L. Sandfield
3150 N. Sheridan Road, #10B
Chicago, IL 60657-4838
TEL: (773) 327-1733
FAX: (773) 327-1791
EMAIL: norman@sandfield.org
WEB: www.internetsuke.com

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