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Norman L. Sandfield's Netsuke Home Page

Authority Record File for 1,580+ Authors in Netsuke and Related Arts

Created for The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography

Compiled by Norman L. Sandfield

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1) What is an authority record?  An authority record is a collection of information about one name, uniform title, or topical term heading, which allows consistency in bibliographic documentation. Each authority record contains the established form of the heading, ‘see from’ references, ‘see also from’ references, and notes.  https://help.oclc.org/Metadata_Services/Authority_records/Authorities_Format_and_indexes/Get_started/20Authority_records

Authority records also provide cross references to lead users to the headings used in the Library of Congress’s Authority Records catalog, e.g., a search under: Snodgrass, Quintus Curtius, 1835-1910 will lead users to the authorized form of heading for Mark Twain, i.e., Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

It is important to note that authority records do not represent materials in a Library's collection. Rather, they are a tool used by librarians to organize the library catalog and assist users in finding those materials. A recent reviewer (in a library publication) noted that users may find helpful information in Library of Congress Authorities, such as an author's middle name or a company name change.  https://authorities.loc.gov/help/auth-faq.htm
Resource:  https://authorities.loc.gov

From Norman L. Sandfield:  There are a variety of ways that a single author’s name might be printed in different books, magazines, catalogs and journals (not counting misspellings), and there is generally no obvious consistency. For example:

N. Sandfield
Norman Sandfield
Norman L. Sandfield
N. L. Sandfield (popular form over a century ago)

See more thoughts on this issue in the Introduction to The Ultimate Netsuke Bibliography (TUNB).

To overcome these inconsistencies, I have taken the names of all of the authors from TUNB book and data-base, and researched them in many Internet and other published sources to find the expanded and full spellings of the authors’ names, often finding errors and making corrections at the same time (see Watty / Wathy). I have added birth and death dates (which may help put the author’s work in an historic context, or allow the identification of the proper author when there are two authors with the same or similar name), and the dates the person lived in Japan, when known. I have added the author’s past or current geographic location. In many cases, this may be the location of the publisher of the item, rather than the author, although I use the latter when known.

Japanese names as written in English have their own issues. The most important is that Japanese custom has the last name printed first. Outside of Japan this has lead to some confusion. Therefore, for bibliographic consistency, as this is an English language list, all Japanese names have been put in order by their last names, when known. When in doubt about any particular Japanese author, the researcher should look under both names.

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**Dates in (parentheses) are the birth and death dates.
**Dates in [brackets] indicates the dates of that person’s stay in Japan.
**Dates in {braces} indicates the dates of that person’s known publication period, especially if no birth and death dates are available.

-OK.   Records that have the OK at the end have been recently confirmed as current and correct.

This is a work in progress, created in the summer of 2003, and updated on an irregular basis. I encourage you to read it with a critical eye, and share it with friends. It is available on the Internet at:  www.internetsuke.com/authorityfile

Additions, corrections, and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed by the author. Please contact him at:



Norman L. Sandfield
3150 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60657

TEL:  773-327-1733
FAX: 773-327-1791

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A Back To Top
Abel, David M. ( - d. ) Florida - OK
Adachi, Barbara Curtis Honolulu, Hawaii; Tokyo, Japan
Adam A. Weschler and Son Washington, D.C. - OK
Adameck, Ted Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Adameck's Oriental Art Honolulu, Hawaii; dealer - OK
Adams, Jane Australia
Adams, Jane Ford Unknown
Addiss, Stephen (1935- ) Kansas
Adler, Lisa Chicago, Illinois - OK
Agner, John P. England - OK
Aichele, Frieder Munich, Germany
Aida, Yuji (1916- ) Tokyo, Japan
Ainspan, Jeffrey New York, New York
Akatsu, Kentaro ( - 1998) Japan
Alberowa, Zofia (Zophia-Maria) Krakow, Poland
Albert, Lillian Smith Unknown
Albrecht, Fritz Zurich, Switzerland
Alcock, Rutherford, Sir (1809-1897) London, England
Alien Property Custodian of the United States of America New York, New York; Chicago, Illinois
Allan, Tony London, England
Altman, H. B. New York, New York - OK
Altman, Milton H. St. Paul, Minnesota - OK
Amagasaki Shi Sogo Bunka Senta (Amagasaki City General Culture Center) Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
American Art Galleries / American Art Association New York, New York - OK
American Art Association - Anderson Galleries Inc. New York, New York - OK
American Art Galleries New York, New York - OK
American Art Association New York, New York; Greenwich, Connecticut
Andacht, Sandra Little Neck, New York - OK
Anderson Galleries New York, New York - OK
Anderson, Miriam D. Elmhurst, Illinois
Anderson, William (1842-1900) London, England
Andon; see also Society for Japanese Arts Leiden, The Netherlands, magazine; - OK
Andreae, Christopher Unknown
Andrews, John H. Westfield, New York; Springfield, Massachusetts
Andrews, Paul London, England
Antikschmuck Mandala Frankfurt, Germany
Antique Dealer And Collectors' Guide, The London, England, magazine - OK
Antique Monthly, The Birmingham, Alabama ??
Antiques by Constantine Ltd. London, England; dealer - OK
Antiques Trade Gazette London, England - OK
Antiquitaten-Zeitung Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Aogai Paris, France - OK
Appert, Georges Tokyo, Japan
Arakawa, Hirokazu (1929- ) Kyoto, Japan
Araya, Katsumi (1920- ) Tokyo, Japan
Arbuthnot, Belinda Hong Kong
Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, The Victoria, British Columbia - OK
Arts of Asia Hong Kong; magazine - OK
Arts of Japan at Auction, Inc. New York, New York - OK
Arutyunov, S. Moscow, Russia
Asakura, Kamezo (1877-1927) Tokyo, Japan
Asano, Nagatake (1895-1969) Honolulu, Hawaii
Aschberg, Ragnar Stockholm, Sweden
Ashken, Karol England - OK
Ashkenazie & Co. San Francisco, California; dealer - OK
Ashmolean Museum Oxford, England - OK
Asnaghi, Bruno (1924 - ) Torino (Turin), Italy
Asseretto, Maria Luisa Genoa, Italy
Astuttgarter Kunst Auktionshaus, Germany
Atchley, Virginia G. Los Angeles, California - OK
Atterbury, Paul Boston, Massachusetts; London, England
August Bodiger Bonn, German; auction house - OK
Auktionshaus Michael Zeller Lindau, Germany - OK
Aulaire, R. J. De Sainte Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Avitabile, Dr. Gunhild Gabbert Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Avtory, E. IU. (Yuri?) Varshavskaia Leningrad, Russia
Ayre, Peter London, England
B Back To Top
Baba, Akiko (1928- ) Tokyo, Japan
Bach, Dr. Unknown
Baekeland, Frederick (1928- ) Ithaca, New York
Baer, Norbert Sebastian (1938- ) New York, New York
Baird, Merrily Georgia
Bakemono, The ??
Baldinger, Wallace Spencer (1905-1993) Eugene, Oregon
Ball, Katherine M. (1859- ) London, England; New York, New York
Bandini, Luigi (1947-1996) London, England; dealer, see also Eskenazi - OK
Bandini, Rosemary London, England - OK
Banks, Michael Chicago, Illinois; dealer - OK
Barbanson, Adrienne Paris, France; Tokyo, Japan
Barboutau, Pierre Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Paris, France
Barchalia, Susanne Leiden, The Netherlands
Barker, Richard F. F. London, England; see also Spinks, and Richard Barker Fine Art Limited - OK
Barnett, Monica London, England - OK
Barrett, Mary Chicago, Illinois
Barry Davies Oriental Art London, England; see also, Davies, Barry - OK
Barth, Johannes Tokyo, Japan
Barton, Rick San Francisco, California
Baten, Lea Los Angeles, California; Leiden, The Netherlands; Tokyo, Japan
Bates, Kathy London, England
Battie, David New York, New York
Bauduin, Albertus Johannes (1829-1890) La Haye, The Hague, The Netherlands
Bauduin, Anthonius Franciscus (1822-1885) La Haye, The Hague, The Netherlands
Baur, Alfred, Collection Geneva, Switzerland - OK
Baur, Alfred (1865-1951) Zurich, Switzerland
Bayer, Jan Honolulu, Hawaii; Hong Kong
Bazarov, K. United Kingdom
Beaumont, Ted London, England
Beaussant-Lefevre Mes. Eric Beaussant et Pierre-Yves Lefèvre, Paris, Firm
Bedford, John (1907-1977) New York, New York
Behrens, Walter Lionel ( - 1913) Paris, France; London, England or New York, New York
Behrman, Beulah M. (1917-2002) California - OK
Beigbeder, Olivier London, England
Belous, Dmitry Moscow, Russia
Bendle, Kaye Silverwater, Australia
Benesch, Carolyn L. E. San Marcos, California
Benihana Miami, Florida
Benyamina, Ilana Unknown
Bergmann, Eugene Honolulu, Hawaii
Berkey, Barry and Velma Salisbury, Maryland
Berna, Beppe San Francisco, California
Bernardi, Carla Grassi Milan, Italy
Bernstein, Michael R. New York, New York - OK
Bertin, Louis Emile (1840-1924) Paris, France
Best, Susan-Marie London, England
Mino Bijutsu Tokyo, Japan, Mino Fine Art
Bilang, Karla Leipzig, Germany
Bildt, Didrik Stockholm, Sweden
Bing, Siegfried (1838 -1905) Paris, France - OK
Birch, Michael Henry, under the pseudonym Dr. Nicky Goldman England - OK
Birch, Michael Henry, under the pseudonym Rayburn Hurtbush England - OK
Birch, Michael Henry England - OK
Bird, Craig A. Ohio
Bishop, Carl Whiting Shanghai, China
Bjorkman-Dahm, Gunvor Sweden - OK
Bjorkman, Cerry Sweden - OK
Black, Cobey Honolulu, Hawaii
Blacker, C. Totowa, New Jersey
Blacker, James F. London, England
Blair, Dorothy (1890- ) Ann Arbor, Michigan
Blair, Kim Los Angeles
Blakely, Bradford Henderson, Nevada - OK
Blochlinger, Paul O. Switzerland - OK
Block, Lawrence New York, New York
Blyth, Reginald Horace Tokyo, Japan
Bodiger, August, see August Bodiger Bonn, German; auction house - OK
Boger, H. Batterson New York, New York
Bohackova, Dr. Libuse Prague, Czechoslovakia - OK
Boisgirard, Claud Paris, France
Boller, Willy Bern, Switzerland
Bonhams London, England; auction house - OK
Bonhams & Butterfields San Francisco, California; auction house - OK
Bonhams, W. and F. C. London, England
Borsook, Sidney South Africa - OK
Bosque, Joe S. F.??
Bosshard, William (Willi) G. Kobe, Japan; Switzerland
Boston Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts - OK
Bourne, Richard A. Hyannis, Massachusetts
Bouyer, Mme. Saint-Bris Unknown
Bowdoin College Museum of Art Brunswick, Maine - OK
Bowes, James Lord (1834-1899) Liverpool, England; London, England
Boyer, Martha Baltimore, Maryland
Bracegirdle, Cyril London, England
Brackett and Sons Turnbridge Wells, Kent, England
Brandt, Klaus Joachim Pforzheim & Stuttgart, Wurttenberg, Germany
Brandt, see Paul Brandt Amsterdam, The Netherlands, firm, 1926-
Bretschneider, Ludvig Munich, Germany
Brinckmann, Prof. Dr. Justus (1843-1915) Germany - OK
Brinkley, Capt. Frank (1841-1912) [1867-1912] Boston, Massachusetts; Tokyo, Japan
Briot, Dr. Alain Paris, France
British Museum London - OK
Brockhaus, Albert Edward (1855-1921) Leipzig, Germany
Brommelle, Norman S. Malibu, California
Bronson, Bennet Chicago, Illinois - OK
Brooklyn Museum Brooklyn, New York - OK
Brotman, Barbara Chicago, Illinois
Brown, David Louis England - OK
Brown, Kendall H. Seattle, Washington
Brozman, Shep New York - OK
Buehr, Wendy New York, New York
Bufton, Peter J. London, England - OK
Bunke, Horst Gustav Braunschweig, Germany
Buntin, Robyn Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Burack, Benjamin Tokyo, Japan
Burawoy, Robert Paris, France - OK
Burditt, David F. England - OK
Burell, Mark Unknown??
Burk, Gay Honolulu, Hawaii
Burrell, Jane E. Los Angeles, California
Burty, Philippe (1830-1890) Paris, France
Bushell, Raymond (1910-1998) [1946-1990] Tokyo, Japan; San Francisco, California
Bushnell, O. A. Honolulu, Hawaii
Business Week New York, New York - OK
Butterfield & Butterfield San Francisco, California - OK
Butterfield's San Francisco, California
Butterfields San Francisco, California
C Back To Top
C. B. Charles Galleries Pontiac, Michigan - OK
C. G. Sloan North Bethesda, Maryland - OK
Cammaert, Tony Brussels, Belgium - OK
Cammann, Schuyler Van Rensselaer Montpelier, Vermont; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Camper-Titsingh, Mary New York - OK
Cardile, Paul J. Richardson, Texas
Carlin, David California - OK
Carlyon, Sian Australia - OK
Carr, Deborah Jean Albuquerque, New Mexico
Carre, Jacques Unknown
Carson, I. A. R. London, England
Carter, Bernard J. H. Honolulu, Hawaii
Casal, Ugo Alfons (1888-1968) Kyoto, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Casey, D. Eugene, Oregon
Cassirer, Paul Berlin, Germany
Cavendish, Marshall London, England
Cervi, Joan L. Unknown
Stephansen, Chad D., R. T. Seattle, Washington
Chait Auction Gallery Beverly Hills, California - OK
Chait Gallery / Auctioneers Beverly Hills, California - OK
Chait, I. M. Beverly Hills, California - OK
Chakinko, Inoue Tokyo, Japan
Challaye, Felicien (1875- ) Paris, France - OK
Chamberlain, Basil Hall (1850-1935) [1873-1911] London, England; Tokyo, Japan
Champoud, Maurice C. ( -1981) Hong Kong; Geneva, Switzerland; [Swiss; lived in Kobe, 1929-1944]
Chapin, Helen Burwell Providence, Rhode Island
Chappell, Sharen Thane No. St. Paul, Minnesota - OK
Charatan, Fred Chicago, Illinois
Chase Gilmore Art Galleries Chicago, Illinois; auction house - OK
Chavez, Frederick (1947- ) San Francisco, California - OK
Chiba, Reiko Tokyo, Japan
Chicago Art Galleries Chicago, Illinois; auction house - OK
Chignoli, Patrizia Italy
Cholmondeley, Rev. Lionel B. (1858-) London, England
Chong, Irene Chicago, Illinois
Christie, Manson & Woods London, England - OK
Christie, Manson & Woods New York, New York - OK
Christie's Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OK
Christie's Geneva, Switzerland - OK
Christie's Los Angeles, California - OK
Christie's Paris, France - OK
Christie's New York, New York - OK
Christie's Tokyo, Japan - OK
Christie's London, England - OK
Christie's East New York, New York - OK
Christie's South Kensington London, England - OK
Chu, Arthur and Grace New York, New York
Chu-tsing Li (1920- ) Kansas
Clarke, Rosy Tokyo, Japan
Cleveland, Lois Jane Albuquerque, New Mexico
Clevenger, Kathleen Muncie, Indiana
Coe, Christopher New York, New York
Cohen, Denise New York, New York - OK
Cohen, George A. Birmingham, England
Cohen, Teri Nashville, Tennessee - OK
Collector Hong Kong)???
Collector, A (see A Collector) Vienna, Austria - OK
Comee, Stephen Tokyo, Japan - OK
Comerford, Jean Peoria, Illinois
Connaissance des Arts Paris, France - OK
Connoisseur, The London, England; magazine
Constantine Ltd. London, England, dealer - OK
Cooke, Geoffrey London, England
Cooper, Gary Hong Kong
Cortazzi, Hugh New York, New York; Tokyo, Japan
Cottle, Vaughan H. Australia
Coullery, Marie-Therese Geneva, Switzerland
Couteault, Pascal Paris, France
Coutou, Jack England) ?? Spelling??
Coutu, Jack England
Coventry, Kim Lake Forest, Illinois; Chicago, Illinois - OK
Cowie, Donald London, England
Cox, Warren E. New York, New York
Crama, Nico Leiden, The Netherlands
Cseh, Eva Budapest, Hungary - OK
Culin, Stewart Tokyo, Japan
Cunningham, Isabel S. Los Angeles, California
Curtis, Tony Selkirkshire, Scotland
D Back To Top
D., P. London, England
D'Alleva, Anne Cambridge, Massachusetts
Daage, Colmet Paris, France
Dailey, Merlin C. Honolulu, Hawaii
Dale, Bernard G. Leceister, England
Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, The Dallas, Texas - OK
Dam, Peter van (Peter Vandam) Leiden or Hague, The Netherlands
Daniels, Mary Chicago, Illinois - OK
Daniels, Otome London, England
Darling, Ada W. Westfield, New York
Dashkevich, V. T. (Viktoriia Teodorovna) (Dashkevich-Purto, Victoria) Moscow, Russia
Daum, Patrick Marseille, France
Davey, Neil Kenneth London, England, see also Sotheby’s - OK
Davies, Barry ( -2005) London, England; see also Barry Davies Oriental Art; dealer - OK
Davies, Nelly London, England; dealer
Davis, Frank Hadland London, England
Davis, Frank London, England
Dawes, Leonard George London, England
Dawson's Book Shop Los Angeles, California
de Goncourt, Edmond L. A. H. (1822-1896) Paris, France
de Lasteyrie, Guy Paris, France
de Perthuis, Bruno Paris, France
De Winter, L. J. Lochem, The Netherlands
De Young Museum San Francisco, California - OK
Deacon, William J. Cypress, California
Dean, Hiroko London, England - OK
Dean, Michael London, England; see also Nihon Token; dealer - OK
Nihon Token (see Dean, Michael) London, England - OK
Deaton, Marjorie London, England
Dee, Robert Honolulu, Hawaii
Dees, Jan, Leiden The Netherlands
DeGaris, Frederic Yokohama, Japan
Delaunes, Ph. France
Deshayes, Emile Paris, France
deVille, R. W. Unknown
Deweese-Wehen, Joy Unknown
Dick, Stewart Chicago, Illinois; Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England
Dick, Stewart, Brussels Belgium
Dickinson, Glen W. Honolulu, Hawaii
Dillon, Edward ( -1914) London, England
Dillon, Ruth Tokyo, Japan
Discovery Magazine of the Air Cathay Pacific Airline
Djelal, Sem London, England
Djelal, Sem Paris, France
Dmitrenko, R. P. Moscow, Russia
Dollfus, Jean (1828-1911) Paris, France
Dollinger, Sybil New York
Dore, Betty California
Dorman, Petra London, England
Dorn, Sylvia O'Neill New York, New York
Dorotheum Vienna, Austria; auction house - OK
Doubleday, Gordon, ( -1993) London, England
Doubleday, John London, England
Douglas J. K. Wright Ltd. London, England - OK
Drexler, N. Burton Unknown
Du Cann, C. G. L. (Charles Garfield Lott), (1889- ) London, England
Du Closel, Elisabeth Paris, France
Ducros, Alain Granges-les-Valence, France; Paris, France - OK
DuMouchelles Art Galleries Detroit, Michigan - OK
Dunant, Frank Paris, France
Dunhill, Alfred London, England
Dunhill, Mary London, England
Duret-Robert, Francois Paris, France
Dursum, Brian A. Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden
Duthy, Robert London, England
Dyer, Chris Falls Church, Virginia
Dyer, Janet Falls Church, Virginia
Dyson, Kate Birmingham, Alabama
E Back To Top
Earle, Joe (Joseph) V. London, England - OK
eBay The Internet - OK
Eberhard, Wolfram (1909-1989) Santa Fe, New Mexico
Eberhard, Wolfram (1909-1989) Bloomington, Indiana; Mouton & Co., The Hague, Netherlands; New York
Edmunds, William H. (1852- ) Geneva, Switzerland; London, England
Edwards, Lisa A. Los Angeles, California
Edwin, Elisa Holst Oslo, Norway
Eggermont France
Eguro, Ryosei Gifu, Japan
Ehrenkranz & Epstein South Miami, Florida - OK
Ehrenkranz & Hammond Art Gallery Miami, Florida - OK
Ehrenkranz, Elaine Miami, Florida - OK
Ehrich, Kurt S. Recklinghausen, Germany
Eijer, Dieuwke Voorschoten, The Netherlands
Eijer, Dieuwke Paris, France
Eijer, M. J. {1988} Leiden, The Netherlands
Eisner, Katherine Houston, Texas - OK
Eldred's; see Robert C. Eldred Co.) East Dennis, Massachusetts; auction house
Endo, Shizuo, (1924- ) ?? Osaka, Japan
Ephrussi, Ignace L. ( -1984) Tokyo, Japan) (died in Tokyo - OK
Epstein, Joy Florida - OK
Erdberg, Eleanor von Frankfurt, Germany; Cologne, Germany
Eskenazi Ltd. London, England, see also Bandini, Luigi
Espinoza, Edgard O. Baltimore, Maryland
Etude Couturier Nicolay Paris, France
Evans, Charles London, England
F Back To Top
F., E. B. Unknown)
Fairley, Malcolm Paris, France
Faivre, Annie Paris, France
Feddersen, Martin London, England; New York, New York
Ferenczy, Laszlo Budapest, Hungary
Ferenczy, Laszlo Honolulu, Hawaii
Ferlay, John London, England
Fernald, Helen E. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ferrari, Rino Honolulu, Hawaii)??
Field Museum (of Natural History), The Chicago, Illinois - OK
Fink, Romy London, England
Fischer, Dr. Suzy Unknown
Fischer, Jutta Munich, Germany
Flachsmann, Sylt Germany
Fleischel, Robert Tokyo, Japan; see also Sagemonoya
Fleischmann's Margarine, Westbury New York; New York, New York
Fleming, Stuart James (1943- ) London, England
Flett-Giordano, Anne Los Angeles, California
Flower, Edward New York, New York - OK
Fong, Wen New York, New York
Forman, W. U. B. Czechoslovakia
Forman, Werner London, England; Prague, Czechoslovakia
Forrer, Matthi Leiden, The Netherlands
Foster, Lucy (1926-1999) Portland, Oregon - OK
Foster, Mike (1924-2000) Portland, Oregon - OK
Foulds, Martin A. Honolulu, Hawaii
Foundation Pierre Gianadda Martigny, Switzerland
Fournier-Bourdier, Bernard Paris, France
Frabetti, Giuliano Genoa, Italy
France, V. S. B. Honolulu, Hawaii
Francis, V. United Kingdom
Franck, Pastor G. Germany
Frank B. Gibney New York, New York
Frederik Muller Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Freegard, Whittaker Sedona, Arizona
French, Cal Rochester, Michigan
Friedman, Hugh H. Honolulu, Hawaii
Fuchs, Christina The Netherlands
Fujieda-city Japan
Fujimora, Isshu San Francisco, California
Fujita, Mineo Osaka, Japan
Fujiwara, Isshu San Francisco, California
Fujiyama, Kakuzo Unknown
Fuld, Sal S. Den Haag, The Netherlands
Fuller, Richard L. Seattle, Washington
Fumito cho ?? Ido Japan
G Back To Top
G., H-m. Goteborg, Sweden
Gadelius, Jonas G. (1926-2003) Tokyo, Japan; London, England - OK
Gage, Richard L. {1982-1984} New York, New York; Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
Galerie Asboth {1987} Vienna, Austria
Galerie Comes {1987} Vienna, Austria
Galerie Georges Petit {1894, 1910-1932} Paris, France; auction house
Galerie Koller {1980-1981} Zurich, Switzerland; auction house
Galerie Sandvoss {1997} Hannover, Germany
Galerie Zacke Vienna, Austria; auction house; see also Zacke, Wolfmar and Irene - OK
Galleries Durand-Ruel Paris, France
Garaix, J. P. Paris, France
Garie, Jean Paris, France
Garner, Harry Mason, Sir (1891- ) London, England
Gash, Jonathan England
Gashon Tokyo, Japan
Gemmell, Graham Los Angeles, California
Gempuan Shujin (Master of Gempu Villa) Tokyo, Japan
Genss, Julius Tartu, Estonia
Gibney, Frank B. (1924- ) New York, New York; Tokyo, Japan
Gichner, Lawrence Ernest (1907-1922 ??) Washington, D.C.
Gielke, Dieter {1978} Germany
Gifu-ken Hakubutsukan (Gifu Museum of Fine Art) Gifu, Japan - OK
Gilbertson, Edward {1888-1898} London, England
Gilliard, Charles F. {1972} Unknown
Gillis, Irvin Van Gorder (1875-1948) Unknown
Gingrich, Arnold Chicago, Illinois
Gistren, Karl-Herman Japan
Glendining and Co., Ltd. London, England - OK
Glukhareva, Olga Nikolaevna {1968-1973} Moscow, Russia
Goepper, Dr. Roger H. (1925- ) Munich, Germany
Gohm, Douglas C. New York, New York
Goke, Tadaomi (1932- ) Tokyo, Japan
Gold, Anita Chicago, Illinois - OK
Goldberg, Joshua Honolulu, Hawaii
Golden Gate Park Museum, The San Francisco, California - OK
Goldman, Dr. Nicky; see Birch, Michael Henry England
Gonse, Louis (1846-1921) Paris, France
Goodall, John A. London, England
Goode, Robert P. Seattle, Washington; or ?? Los Angeles, California
Gorham, Hazel H. ( -1970) Yokohama; Tokyo, Japan
Goto and Tsuboi Collections Tokyo, Japan
Goto Bijutsukan (The Gotoh Museum) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Gottfried Wagener) Leipzig, Germany
Gould, Charles London, England
Gould, Irving (1919 - 19??) New York, New York
Graff, Oscar and Cacilie Stuttgart, Germany
Graham, June Honolulu, Hawaii
Graham, Patricia J. London, England
Graul, Von Richard Leipzig, Germany
Graupe, Paul, see Paul Graupe Berlin, Germany; firm - OK
Graves, Son, & Pilcher Brighton, England
Gray, Pamela Jane Baltimore, Maryland
Green, William Leiden, Holland, The Netherlands)??
Greenan, Russell Unknown
Griffing, Robert P., Jr. Tokyo, Japan; Honolulu, Hawaii
Griffis, William Elliot (1843-1928) [1870-1874] New York, New York; Los Angeles, California
Groeneveldt, Willem Pieter, (1841-1915) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Groenewegen, Peter Leiden, The Netherlands
Gros-Delettrez Paris, France
Grosse, Ernst (1862-1927) Berlin, Germany
Grosso, Orlando (1882- ) Bologna, Italy; Rome, Italy
Grunwald, Carl Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Guggenheim, Shirlee Honolulu, Hawaii
Guillaumin, Jacqueline et Maurice, Concue et Realisee (Paris, France
Guillaumin, Jacqueline Paris, France
Guimet, Emile (1836-1918) Paris, France
Gumps San Francisco, California, store
Gunsaulus, Frank Wakeley (1856-1921) Chicago, Illinois - OK
Gunsaulus, Helen Cowen (1886-1954) Chicago, Illinois - OK
Gunther, Dr. Hermann A. London, England
Guth, Christine Katonah, New York
Guyvoronsky, Vyacheslav (Vyacheslov
Gyoku Chinso Japan
Gysbers & Van Loon Arnhem, The Netherlands
H Back To Top
H. Tschudy & Co. St. Gallen, France
Haack, Harald Dortmund, Germany
Habe, Hans Munich/Mailand, Germany
Haft, Alfred P., III New York, New York - OK
Hahn, Teddy; (Theodor) Germany
Haino, Akira Kyoto, Japan
Hajdamach, Charles U.K.
Hajek, Lubor {1957-1966} Czechoslovakia
Hakusai Ivory Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan - OK
Hakusui Ivory Co., Ltd Yokohama, Japan
Hall, Manly Palmer Los Angeles, California
Hall, Robert England
Halls Fine Art Auctioneers Shrewsbury, England - OK
Ham, Carola van Cologne, Germany
Hamaker, Barbara U.S.A.
Hammond, Jarius K. (Jay) San Francisco, California
Han she chu pan she Tai-pei shih, China
Hanzel Galleries, Inc. Chicago, Illinois; auction house - OK
Hara, Shinkichi (1868-1934) Hamburg, Germany
Hara, Tatsuo Ota City, Shimani Prefecture, Japan
Hara, Yoyusai (1772-1845) Japan
Harada, Jiro (1878- ) New York, New York; London, England
Hardie, Peter Bristol, England
Hargreaves, J. R. Hong Kong
Harris, Victor (1942- ) London, England
Hart, Ernest London, England
Hart, Philip C. California
Hartman Rare Art New York, New York; Dallas, Texas; Palm Beach, Florida; dealer - OK
Hartman, Roland Clifton, New Jersey
Hartman, Simone New York, New York - OK
Harukawa, Yoshimasa Kyoto, Japan; Osaka, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Hashiba, Yoshiyuki Japan
Hata, Akira Japan
Haupt-Battaglia, Heidi Switzerland
Hauswedell & Nolte Hamburg, Germany - OK
Hauswedell, Dr. Ernst Hamburg, Germany; auction house - OK
Haviland, Charles Edward (1839-1922) Paris, France
Hawkshaw, John Clarke (1841- ) England
Hawley, John Dallas, Texas - OK
Hayakawa, Junzaburo, or, Saito, Gesshin (1804-1878
Hayashi, S. Kyoto, Japan
Hayashi, Yonosuke Tokyo, Japan
Hayashiya, Tatsusaburo (1914- ) Tokyo, Japan
Hayes, Maggie New York, New York
Haynes, Robert E. California
Hearn, Lafcadio (1850-1904) [1890-1904] Boston, Massachusetts; London, England
Hecht, Jacob, see Jacob Hecht Berlin, Charlottenburg, Germany, firm
Heckmann, Guenther Ellwangen, Germany
Hee, Linda; see Meredith, Linda Honolulu, Hawaii; Bellingham, Washington - OK
Heibonsha Japan
Helbing Galerie Munich, Germany - OK
Helbing, Hugo Berlin, Germany
Heldt, Agneta Unknown ??
Helmert-Corvey, Theodor Bielefeld, Germany
Hemsing, Walter Braunschweig, Germany
Henkel, Klaus D. Germany
Henmi, Hiroku London, England
Henriquez, George E. Seattle, Washington
Henry, Michael Paris, France
Henry Spencer & Sons Retford, England
Herberts, Dr. Kurt Dusseldorf, Germany
Hermes of Paris Paris, France - OK
Heywood, Denise London, England
Hibbs, Michele New York, New York - OK
Hickey, Patrick Ireland
Hickman, Brian London, England
Hickmott, Allerton Cushman Hartford, Connecticut
Hieronymus, Richard Washington - OK
Hill, Parry Japan - OK
Hillier, Bevis (1940- ) London, England
Hillier, Jack Ronald (1912-1995) England - OK
Hillier, Mary ( -1999) England - OK
Himeji-shi Shosha no Sato Bijutsu Kogeikan (Shosha Art & Craft Museum) Himeji, Japan - OK
Hindson, Mark T. (1883-1968) London, England
Hindson, Mark T. (1883-1968) New York, New York
Hines, Jack U.S.A.
Hiraiwa, Tsunesaburo Tokyo, Japan
Hirano, Hideo Tokyo, Japan
Hirao, Masao Tokyo, Japan
Hirose, Nobuko Japan
Hirsch, Joseph Honolulu, Hawaii
Hiteshew, Frank San Francisco, California
Hitoschi, Iwasaki Paris, France
Hobbies Chicago, Illinois, magazine - OK
Hodge, Sewell W. Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
Hoelterhoff, Manuela New York, New York
Hoffman, Donald Kansas City, Missouri - OK
Hohenau, Maria Los Angeles, California
Hokusai, Katsushika (1760-1849) Japan
Holbrook, Theodore S. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Hollander Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Holme, Charles (1848-1923) Los Angeles, California; England; New York, New York
Home & Garden Television ??
Hommel, Martha Hill Chicago, Illinois
Honeychurch Antiques Seattle, Washington; dealer - OK
Honolulu Academy of Art Honolulu, Hawaii; museum - OK
Hoorn The Netherlands
Hooyer, D. A Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hopkins, Jay E. Virginia - OK
Hopp Ferenc Keletzsiai Muvzeti Museum Budapest, Hungary - OK
Hori, Robert Los Angeles, California
Horne, Kenneth New York, New York
Horniman Museum & Gardens London, England - OK
Horodisch, Abraham (1898- ) Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OK
Horodisch, Alice ( - d.) Amsterdam, The Netherlands - OK
Horst A. Rittershofer Berlin, Germany
Horvath, Dr. Tibor Antal (1910- ) Budapest, Hungary
Hotel des Ventes Mobilieres Saint Brieue, France - OK
Hotel des Chevau-Legers Versailles, France - OK
Hotel des Ventes Mobilieres Angers, France - OK
Hotel Drouot Paris, France; auction site
Hotel Rameau Versailles?, France; auction site
Houyoux, R. ??
Howlett, Judith ??
Hughes, G. Bernard London, England
Hughes, Robert New York, New York
Hugo Helbing (Galerie Hugo Helbing) Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Huish, Marcus Bourne (1845-1921) London, England
Hull Grundy, Anne (1926-1984) London, England - OK
Humbert, Aime (1819-1900) Paris, France
Hume, James California - OK
Hummel, Dr. Siegbert Leipzig, Germany
Hunter, Pat Honolulu, Hawaii
Hurst, Norman Cambridge, Massachusetts - OK
Hurtbush, Rayburn; see Birch, Michael Henry England
Hurtig, Bernard (1928- ) Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Hurtig, Helen Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Hutchings, Allis M. Chicago, Illinois
Huthart, Robert S. (1922- ) Hong Kong - OK
Hutt, Julia London, England - OK
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I. M. Chait Gallery / Auctioneers Beverly Hills, California - OK
Ichimichi, Kazutoyo Unknown
Ido, Bunjin (Fumihito) ??
Ido, Fumito cho ?? Tokyo, Japan; Kyoto, Japan
Iida-shi Bijutsu Hakubutsukan Japan
Iizawa, Tadashi Tokyo, Japan
Iizuka, Beiu Tokyo, Japan; Honolulu, Hawaii
Ikeda Keisai, ??) Japan
Ikeda, Yoshinobu (fl. 1844) ?? Japan
Illinois State Museum Springfield, Illinois - OK
Imamura, Shigezo Tokyo, Japan
Imperial Japanese Government Railways Japan
Impey, Oliver R. London, England) and Marlborough, Wiltshire, England; Oxford, England
Inaba, Tsuryu (1736-1786) Osaka, Japan
Inada, Hogitaro London, England
Inagaki, Kiichi (1907- ) Tokyo, Japan
Ingalls, Zoe ??
Ingram, Lady London, England
Inoue, Shinshichi ?? Tokyo, Japan
Inro Bijutsukan (Hida Takayama) Inro Museum of Art in Hida Takayama)
Inro Museum Takayama, Japan
International Herald Tribune, The Paris, France
International Netsuke Foundation, The Rolling Hills Estates, California - OK
International Netsuke Carvers' Association Japan
International Netsuke Society (Previously the Netsuke Kenkyukai Society) several mailing locations
International Netsuke Collectors Society (known as INCS) (Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
International Netsuke Society Honolulu, Hawaii
Irving, Hope Unknown
Isai, Katsushika (1821-1880) Japan
Ise Shiritsu Kyodo Shiryokan Ise-shi, Japan
Iseli, Jean-Luc Kyoto, Japan
Ishii, Kenshiro Honolulu, Hawaii
Ishii, Susumu Japan
Ishikawa, Masamochi (1754-1830) ??) Japan
Ishizawa, Hyogo Japan
Israel, Victor E. Los Angeles, California - OK
Isshu, Fujiwara Los Angeles, California
Itabashi-kuritsu Bijutsukan Tokyo, Japan
Ito, Ryoichi (1928- ) Tokyo, Japan
Ivory Carvers Association Tokyo, Japan
Iwasaki, Haruko G. Seattle, Washington
Iwasaki, Hitoshi Frankfurt, Germany) ????
Iwasaki, Hitoshi Tokyo, Japan
Iwasawa Oriental Art California - OK
Iwaya, Sazanami, (1870-1933) Japan
J Back To Top
J. C. Morgenthau New York, New York; auction house - OK
J. S. Rasmussen Fine Arts (see also Rasmussen, Jens Salen (1940-1994) London, England; dealer - OK
J. W. A. International, Inc. Miami, Florida; dealer - OK
Jaane, Anna Australia
Jacob Hecht Berlin, Charlottenburg, Germany, firm
Jacoby, Sammlung Gustav (1857-1921) Berlin, Germany
Jaegher, Vincent de Belgium
Jaehne, Herman A. E. ??
Jaehne, Herman A. E. and Paul C. Syracuse, New York
Jaehne, Herman A. E. and Paul C. New York, New York
Jaffe, Gisele Little Neck, New York
Jaffe, Harold New York
Jahss, Betty New York, New York; dealer - OK
Jahss, Melvin H. (1921- ) New York, New York; dealer - OK
Rose, James A. Maryland - OK
James, Dorothy Buckton Honolulu, Hawaii
Janata, Alfred Vienna, Austria
Jannapolis, Alma H. San Francisco, California
Japan Art-Lovers Club Kobe, Japan - OK
Japan Economic Journal, The Japan
Japan Ivory Sculpture Association Yokohama, Japan - OK
Japan Times, The Tokyo, Japan - OK
Japanese Ivory Sculptors Association Yokohama, Japan - OK
Jay, John San Francisco, California
Jean-Louis Picard Paris, France
Jepson, Edgar (1863-1938) London, England
Jirka-Schmitz, Dr. Patrizia (1948- ) Germany
Johnes, Raymond Paul (1894- ) London, England
Johnson, Johnny Honolulu, Hawaii
Joly, Henri Louis (1876-1920) Porth Leven, Cornwall, England
Joly, Henri Louis (1876-1920) London, England
Jonas, Frank Morris (1878-1951) London, England; Kobe, Japan
Jones, Virgil Unknown
Jork, Heinz Braunschweig, Germany
Joseph, Valerie London, England
Journal of the International Netsuke Collectors Society (Honolulu, Hawaii
Joya, Mock (1884-1963) Tokyo, Japan
Junzo, Ishiko Japan??
K Back To Top
Kadotakai Oriental Art Den Haag, Holland, The Netherlands
Kagetoshi Japan
Kakegawa-shi Ninomaru Bijutsukan (Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art) Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan - OK
Kakudo, Yoshiko Honolulu, Hawaii; San Francisco, California
Kamansky, David L. California
Kameda, Y. Unknown
Kanevskaya, Natalia Moscow, Russia
Kataoka, M. London, England
Katayama, K. Tokyo, Japan
Katchen, Arlette London, England
Kato, Gerald Honolulu, Hawaii
Katsushika, Hokusai (1760-1849) Paris, France
Katzeff, Paul Boston, Massachusetts
Kauth, Gunther Germany ?
Kawakatsu, Ken-Ichi (1892- ) Tokyo, Japan
Kawakomi, K., (s) Tokyo, Japan
Kawamura Bunka Shinko Zaidan Kawamura Culture Promotion Foundation
Kay, Arthur M.) Paris, France
Kaye, Michael Little Neck, New York
Kazuo, Nashimoto Japan
Keen, Geraldine London, England
Kehoe, Lesley J. Australia - OK
Keishiro Kiwaki Japan
Kelso, Jim Vermont - OK
Kemp, Doris E. Elmhurst, Illinois
Kemp, John London, England
Kende Galleries New York, New York; auction house - OK
Kenneally, Rhona Richman Amagasaki, Mukonoso, Higashi
Kent Police Art and Antiques Unit England
Kerr, R. Glasgow, Scotland
Kerrigan, Michael London, England
Killam, Betty ( -1994) Chester, Connecticut; dealer - OK
Killam-Leavitt, Betty ( -1994) Chester, Connecticut; dealer - OK
King and Chasemore Pulborough, England
King, David Hyatt Leiden, The Netherlands
King, Dr. Martin Tokyo, Japan
Kingsbury, Lilburn Springfield, Massachusetts
Kinoshita, Hiroji, (1851- ) Tokyo, Japan
Kinoshita, Mokutaro (1885-1945) Tokyo, Japan
Kinsey, Miriam (1905-2000) Los Angeles, California - OK
Kinsey, Robert O. Los Angeles, California - OK
Kinsey, Sir Joseph New Zealand
Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936) New York, New York
Kirchhoff, Bluette Honolulu, Hawaii; San Francisco, California - OK
Kiss Collection Paris, France
Kiuchi, Hanko Tokyo, Japan
Kiwaki, Keishiro Unknown
Kiyotsugu Oshima Unknown
Klefisch, Trudel Cologne, Germany, see also Kunsthandel Klefisch GmbH; auction house - OK
Klever, Ulrich Zurich, Switzerland
Klotz, Jeffrey New Jersey; dealer - OK
Knaefler, Tomi Honolulu, Hawaii
Kniffin, Herbert Reynolds Peoria, Illinois
Kodaka, Toshiro Nagoya, Japan
Kodo, Okuda Ibaraki-ken, Japan
Koechlin, Raymond (1860-1931) Paris, France
Kohen, Helen L. Miami, Florida
Kohler, W. H. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Kohn, Dr. Ralph Honolulu, Hawaii
Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai (Society for International Cultural Relations) Tokyo, Japan
Komada, Makiko Tokyo, Japan - OK
Komatsu, Taishu Japan
Komor, Mathias Shanghai, China
Komor, Siegfried Shanghai, China
Konno, Hiromi Japan
Kono, Bairei (1844-1895) Tokyo, Japan
Koop, Albert James (1877-1945) Unknown
Kotler, Philip Chicago, Illinois - OK
Kovel, Ralph Ohio - OK
Kovel, Terry Ohio - OK
Krafft, Hugues (1853-1935) Paris, France
Krebs, Margie M. Salem, Massachusetts
Kreiner, Josef Finland
Kress, Else Finland - OK
Kress, Heinz Finland - OK
Krouner, Burt New York - OK
Krouner, Teri New York - OK
Kudo, Yohiro, (1931- ) Tokyo, Japan
Kumasaku Tomita ( - 1954) Unknown
Kummel, Otto (1874-1974) Berlin, Germany
Kunichika Japan
Kunsthandel Aalderink Amsterdam, The Netherlands; auction house - OK
Kunsthandel Klefisch GmbH Cologne, Germany; auction house - OK
Kunsthaus Am Museum Cologne, Germany; auction house - OK
Kunsthaus Lempertz Cologne, Germany; auction house - OK
Kunsthaus Zacke Vienna, Austria; auction house - OK
Kunz, George Frederick (1856-1932) Garden City, New York
Kuo, Dora Honolulu, Hawaii
Kuralt, Charles Unknown
Kurilecz, Joseph Seattle, Washington
Kurstin, Edith (Edie) ( -1988) Florida
Kurstin, Joseph Miami, Florida - OK
Kurth, Sally Chicago, Illinois
Kuwayama, George Los Angeles, California
Kuznitsky, Martin Berlin, Germany
Kyoto Bunka Hakubutsukan Japan
Kyoto Shimbunsha Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto Shoin Arts Collection Japan
L Back To Top
L., F. Paris, France
Lahmani, Nicole France
Lambert, Pam Unknown??
Landau, Eliot A. Chicago, Illinois - OK
Lane, Richard Leiden, The Netherlands
Lanfranchi, Giacinto U. Bergamo, Italy
Langen, Marianne Munich, Germany
Langen, Viktor Unknown
Lau, Joseph S. M. New York, New York
Laudenbach, Helmuth Germany - OK
Laufer, Berthold (1874-1934) Chicago, Illinois - OK
Law, Rebecca Seattle, Washington
Lawrence, Louis (1949- ) London, England; France - OK
Lazarnick, George (1913-2004) Honolulu, Hawaii; San Diego, California - OK
Leary, R. H. Hong Kong
Leavitt, Betty Killam ( -1994) Chester, Connecticut - OK
Leavitt, Ted Chester, Connecticut - OK
Lee, Gordon Ambrose De Lisle, (1864- ) London, England; Osaka, Japan
Legrand, Alain Paris, France
Leinfelder, John Japan
Leiter, Dr. Samuel Hong Kong
Leo Spik Berlin & Bad Kissingen, Germany; auction house
Leppich, Editha Cologne, Germany
Les Joyaux Japan, magazine
Lesley Kehoe Galleries Melbourne, Australia; dealer; see also Kehoe, Leslie - OK
Leslie Hindman Auctioneers Chicago, Illinois - OK
Hindman, Leslie see Leslie Hindman Auctioneers Chicago, Illinois - OK
Levitt, Betty see Killam, Betty Killam-Levitt; dealer)??
Levy, Dana Los Angeles, California - OK
Lewis, Dorothy G. Virginia - OK
Lewis, Edmund J. Chicago, Illinois - OK
Li, Chu-tsing (1920- ) Unknown
Li, Raymond Hong Kong
Lieberman, Phyllis New Jersey; dealer
Life Magazine New York, New York
Lim, K. W. Lochem, The Netherlands
Link, Dr. Howard A. Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Little, Carl San Marcos, California
Little, Stephen Chicago, Illinois
Liu, Robert K. California; with Ornament Magazine
Lodge, J. E. Boston, Massachusetts
Lomas, Dr. Jack Honolulu, Hawaii
London International Netsuke Convention London, England - OK
London Netsuke Committee London, England - OK
London Netsuke Fair and Convention London, England - OK
London Times, The London, England - OK
Lorber, D. Martin (1900-1986) London, England - OK??
Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles, California - OK
Lovelace, Joyce New York, New York
Lowe Art Museum Coral Gables, Florida - OK
Luigi Bandini (1947-1996) London, England - OK
Lutz, Michael Chicago, Illinois - OK
Lutz, Walter E. Hong Kong
M Back To Top
M-m., I. Stockholm, Sweden
Ma, Y. W. New York, New York
Mabe, Chauncey Unknown
MacDonald, John New York, New York
MacLean, J. A. Unknown
Maercks, Ralph Los Angeles, California
Maguire, Tacy Bowman Honolulu, Hawaii
Majewski, Lawrence J. Unknown
Mak Amsterdam, The Netherlands; auction house - OK
Makino Brothers and Company Tokyo, Japan - OK
Manchester Guardian Manchester, England; publication - OK
Mang, Helen and Jack Virginia - OK
Mang, John A., Jr. Virginia - OK
Mann, Mary-Jacque Baltimore, Maryland
Mansfield, Howard New York, New York
Mapes Auction Gallery Vestal, New York - OK
March, Benjamin (1899-1934) Chicago, Illinois; New York, New York
Marchant, see S. Marchant & Son London, England - OK
Marden, Luis Washington, D.C.
Margaret Woodbury Strong Museum Rochester, New York - OK
Maria Shobo Japan
Markbreiter, Stephen Hong Kong - OK
Marks, Alfred H. Washington, D.C.
Marlow, Dennis Honolulu, Hawaii; California - OK
Marsh, Elizabeth London, England
Martin, Henry Paris, France
Martin, Ilse Peking, China
Martin, Katherine London, England
Martin, Robert E. Seattle, Washington
Masahiro, Muraki Los Angeles, California
Masamochi, Ishikawa (1754-1830) Japan
Masamune, Naito Tokyo, Japan
Masanao, Suzuki (1815-1890) Honolulu, Hawaii
Watanabe, Masanori (Nori) Tokyo, Japan
Masatoshi (1915-2001) Japan
Maskell, Alfred, F. S. A. London, England
Masuda, Tomoya Geneve, Switzerland
Masui, Dr. Mitsuko Tokyo, Japan
Maternati-Baldouy, Danielle Unknown
Mateu, Guillermo Barcelona, Spain
Math Lempertz Germany
Matida, Kasyo Tokyo, Japan
Matlick, Dayton H. Unknown
Matsumoto, Jun Tokyo, Japan
Mayer, Charles T. Sandusky, Ohio
McConnell, Heather Hong Kong
McCormack, Garrett Seattle, Washington
McGoogan, M.D., Leon Honolulu, Hawaii
McGowen, Robert L. Tulsa, Oklahoma
Meader, Edwin Unknown
Medical Newsmagazine, MD. New York, New York - OK
Meech, Julia, (Meech-Pekarik, Julia) New York, New York
Mehlman, F., U.K. Unknown
Meinertzhagen, Frederick M. (1881-1962) London, England - OK
Meissner, Kurt (1885- ) Tokyo, Japan
Meister, Peter Wilhelm Hamburg, Germany
Melville, James (1931-) London, England; New York, New York; Frankfurt and Berlin, Germany
Mendelson, Donald New, York, New York
Mene, Dr. Edouard Paris, France
Mercanton, P-L. Zurich, Switzerland
Meredith, Linda Honolulu, Hawaii; Bellingham, Washington - OK
Meredith, Scott New, York, New York
Messrs. Banks & Co. Boston, Massachusetts
Metropolitan Art Association New York, New York - OK
Michael Spindel Ltd. New York, New York; Seaford, New York - OK
Michel, Albin Paris, France
Midori Gallery Miami, Florida; see also Wagner, Cynthia (Sachi) - OK
Migeon, Gaston (1861-1930) Paris, France
Mikoshiba, Misao Tokyo, Japan - OK
Miller, Dale S. Seattle, Washington; Hong Kong; Kobe, Japan
Miller, Elizabeth K. ??
Miller, Marilyn California - OK
Mills College California
Milne Henderson London, England, gallery - OK
Milward, Clement London, England
Milwaukee Auction Galleries Milwaukee, Wisconsin - OK
Mineur, Rudi Melbourne, Australia - OK
Minnich, Helen Tokyo, Japan; Rutland, Vermont
Mino Bijutsu Japan
Misao Mikoshiba Seattle, Washington
Mishima-Taisha Homotsukan (Mishima-Taisha Museum of Art Treasures) Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan - OK
Mitamura, Arisumi The Netherlands
Mitamura, Arisumi Paris, France
Mitford, A. B. [Redesdale, Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Baron] (1837-1916) [1866-1870] London, England
Mitsuhiro (1810-1875) Japan - OK
Miyachi, Takumi (Tsutomu??) Unknown
Miyashita, Natsuo Paris, France
Miyazaki, Yukimaro Japan
Mizoguchi, Saburo Tokyo, Japan; New York, New York
Mizutani, Hidejiro Tokyo, Japan
Saint-Bris Bouyer, Mme. Unknown
Modell, Walter Unknown
Mody, N. H. N. (Naoroji Hormusjee Mody) (published in Tokyo, Japan
Momoko, Tekeguchi Kobe, Japan
Monrosty, Josiane Paris, France
Monterde, Francisco (1894- ) Mexico; Ecuador
Moore, Carolyn Chicago, Illinois - OK
Morgan, Brian New York, New York; London, England
Mori, Genkosai (1807-1886) Tokyo, Japan
Morra, Gianni Venice, Italy - OK
Morra, Lella Venice, Italy - OK
Morris, Anne J. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Morrison, Alastair (1935- ) Hong Kong
Morrison, Hedda Hammer (1908-1991) Unknown??
Mosle, Alexander G. (George) Berlin, Germany
Mosle, Alexander G. (George), Collection Leipzig, Germany
Moss, Geoffrey London, England - OK
Moss, Paul London, England; see also Sydney L. Moss - OK
Mowry, David Thomas Honolulu, Hawaii
Mulder, W. Z. Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Mullaly, H. London, England
Mullaly, Terence London, England
Muller, Armin (1932-2000) California
Muller, Pierre G. Paris, France
Munn, Geoffrey C. U.K.
Munsterberg, Oskar (1865- ) Braunschweig, Germany
Murata, Takako Tokyo, Japan
Murphy, Adele Chicago, Illinois - OK
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Boston, Massachusetts - OK
Museum of Art Eugene, Oregon - OK
Museum voor Land- En Volkenkunde Rotterdam, The Netherlands - OK
Museum Yamato Bunkakan, The Nara, Japan - OK
Muzeum Skla A Bizuterie, Jablonec nad Nisou Czechoslovakia - OK
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Nagao, Seiichi ??
Nagel Auctions / Nagel Auktionen Stuttgart, Germany - OK
Nagel, Dr. Fritz Stuttgart, Germany - OK
Nagel, Gert K. {1975-1977} New York, New York
Nagel, Gert K. {1975-1977} Munich, Germany
Nakajima, Yasunosuke Kyoto, Japan
Nakamura, Julia Volpelletto {1965-2003} New York, New York
Nakamura, Julia Volpelletto {1965-2003} Hanover, Pennsylvania
Nakano, Satoru Lakeland, Florida
Naprstkovo Muzeum Prague, Czechoslovakia - OK
Nasseri, Gholami Seif Tehran, Iran
National Museum of Modern Art, The ??
Nelson, Andrew N., Ph.D. Tokyo, Japan
Netsuke Chokoku Kai (Netsuke Carvers' Association) (Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan; Tokyo, Japan
Netsuke Dealers Association New York, New York - OK
Netsuke Kenkyukai Society (Name changed to International Netsuke Society in 19..??) Torrance, California, Los Angeles, California; Mission, Kansas; Miami, Florida; New York, New York; San Francisco, California
Netto, Curt Leipzig, Germany) {1901}
Newark Museum New Jersey - OK
Newland, A. R. May be: Newland, Amy Reigle)(London, England
Newman, Alex (Alexander) R. London, England
Newstead, Martin S. {1974-1978} Geneva, Switzerland
Newstead, Martin S. {1974-1978} Paris, France
Newton, James R. New York, New York
Nguyet, Tuyet Hong Kong
NHK Sabisu Senta (NHK Service Center) Tokyo, Japan
Nihon Netsuke Kenkyukai (Japan Netsuke Study Society) (Tokyo, Japan; Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Nihon Token Japan
Nihon Zoge Bijutsu Kogei Kumiai Rengo Kai Japan Ivory Arts and Crafts Association
Nihon Zoge Chokoku Kai (Japan Ivory Sculptors' Association) Tokyo, Japan
Nihon Zoge Bijutsu Kogei Kumiai Rengo Kai (Japan Ivory Arts and Crafts Association) Tokyo, Japan
Niiseki, Kinya Hong Kong
Nikolayeva, N. S. Moscow, Russia
Noda, Dr. Toshio (1922 or 1923 ?? - ) Japan
Noda, Gloria Tokyo, Japan
Noetzel, Otto Heinrich Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Noma, Seiroku San Francisco, California
Noma, Seiroku Tokyo, Japan
Norbert, Barbara J. Los Angeles, California
Norina, T. Moscow, Russia
Norman, Geraldine London, England
Normile, James La Mirada, California
Norton & Powell Whitton Court, near Ludlow Shropshire, England
Nozaki, Kiyoshi Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan
O Back To Top
O'Brien, Mary Louise ??Tokyo, Japan
O'Connor, Letitia Burns Hong Kong
O'Neill, P. G. (Patrick Geoffrey) (1924- ) New York, New York; Tokyo, Japan
Objet D'Art, Etc. Hawaii
Offermann & Schmitz Germany
Ohara, Mitsuhiro (1810-1875) Japan
Okada, Barbra Teri (1935- ) New York, New York - OK
Okada, Yuzuru (1911- ) Tokyo, Japan
Okuno, Hidekazu Unknown
Okure, J. Honolulu, Hawaii
Olshan, Mike New York, New York
Olson, Eleanor Newark, New Jersey
Ono, Eiichi Tokyo, Japan
Ooka, Shunsen (1719-1773) Kyoto, Japan
Orange, James {1907-1010} Yokohama, Japan
Oriental Corner, The California, see also Vargas, Marsha - OK
Oriental Treasures and Points West Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Orientalia (magazine) New York, New York - OK
Orientations Collectors Society Hong Kong
Ortega, Maria L. Coral Gables, Florida
Osaka Shiritsu Bijutsukan (Osaka Municipal Museum of Art) Osaka, Japan - OK
Osaka Shiritsu Hakubutsukan (Osaka Municipal Museum of Art) Osaka, Japan
Osburn, Annie Devon, Pennsylvania
Oshima, Kiyotsugu Japan
Osterreichisches Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Vienna, Austria
Osterreichisches Museum Fur Angewandte Kunst Saulenof, Austria
Otsuka, Ronald Y. Denver, Colorado
Otto, Alexander Francis (1873- ) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ouwehand, Dr. Cornelius The Netherlands
Ozaki, Yei Theodora Fujiyama, Kakuzo
P Back To Top
Pacific Asia Museum Pasadena, California - OK
Pacific Courier, The San Francisco, California - OK
Paglia, Christine L. Brunswick, Maine
Pai, Ping-ch'i {1940-1942} Peking, China
Palace of Fine Arts, The San Francisco, California - OK
Palais des Beaux Arts Brussels, Belgium - OK
Pall Mall Budget, The London, England
Pang, Philip Los Angeles, California
Papinot, Jacques Edmond-Joseph (1860-1942) [1886-1911] (??
Paragon Book Gallery Chicago, Illinois; book dealer - OK
Paris Edo Paris, France; Convention - OK
Parke Bernet Galleries New York, New York - OK
Parker, Betty Tokyo, Japan - OK
Parker, William Tokyo, Japan - OK
Parr, Edward M. Honolulu, Hawaii
Pauer, Erich (1943- ) Cologne, Germany
Paul Brandt Amsterdam, The Netherlands, firm, 1926-
Paul Graupe Berlin, Germany; firm - OK
PB Eighty-Four (Auction house) New York, New York; part of Parke Bernet - OK
Peiris, Nicole Hong Kong
Pekarik, Andrew J. New York, New York - OK
Penniman, Thomas Kenneth (1895- ) Oxford, England - OK
Pepper, David Canada
Percy, Edward England
Pereda, Antonio London, England
Perzynski, Friedrich Berlin, Germany; Leipzig, Germany
Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography Leningrad, Russia - OK
Petit-Behncke, Chantal Berlin, Germany
Pfaff-Giesberg, Robert Unknown
Phillips London, England
Phillips, Carol Chester, Connecticut
Phillips, Charles London, England
Phillips-Jacoby Ltd. Montreal, Canada
Phillips, Son and Neale Ltd. London, England; auction house
Phillips, Sydney and Bill Los Angeles, California xxxx
Phillips Unknown
Philosophical Research Society Inc., The Los Angeles, California
Piasa Paris, France
Pica, Vittorio Bergamo, Italy
Picard, Jean-Louis Unknown
Piggot, Juliet London, England; New York, New York; Sydney, Australia; Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ping-ch'i Pai Unknown
Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford, England - OK
Platt, Nigel London, England
Polster, Edythe New Mexico
Pomeroy, Charles A. New York, New York; Tokyo, Japan
Poole, John Honolulu, Hawaii
Porky Pig de la Winner Bros. Paris, France
Portier, Guy London, England or Paris, France??
Portier, Thierry Paris, France - OK
Pratt, George New York, New York
Prescott, Ken Seattle, Washington
Price, Joe California
Prost, Lucie Unknown
Proud Oriental Auctions London, England; New York, New York
Put, Max Leiden, The Netherlands
Putney, Carolyn M. Toledo, Ohio - OK
Pym, Barbara New York, New York
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Quinet, Nadine and Philippe Paris, France
Quinet, Nadine and Philippe Seattle, Washington
R Back To Top
Radley, Sheila New York, New York
Radovsky, David A. Birmingham, Alabama
Radovsky, David A. New York, New York
Rague, Beatrix von Tokyo, Japan
Rague, Beatrix von Toronto, Canada; Buffalo, New York
Rague, Beatrix von Berlin, Germany
Rambach, Pierre et Susanne Unknown
Ramberg, Chuck Unknown
Ramberg, Johan Unknown
Ranckh, R. B. P. and Rankh, spelling???/ Paris, France
Ranckh, R. B. P. and spelling???/ Rankh) ??
Randall, Chris Washington, D.C.
Randall, Jr., Richard H. Honolulu, Hawaii
Rankh, R. B. P. Paris, France
Rapaport, Benjamin Hong Kong
Rasmussen, Jens Salen (1940-1994) London, England - OK
Rast, Michael St. Gallen, Switzerland
Raymond Bushell (1910-1998) Tokyo, Japan; San Francisco, California - OK
Read, Charles S London, England
Regamey, Felix ??
Reif, Rita New York, New York
Reinhold, Van Nostrand (Publisher??) New York, New York - OK
Reynolds, Valrae Newark, New Jersey
Richard Barker Fine Art Limited London, England; see also, Barker, Richard - OK
Richards, Dick Adelaide, Australia
Richardson, Lynn California
Ridgely, Frances Summers Springfield, Illinois - OK
Rienacker, Victor London, England
Rigozzi, Ettore Berne, Switzerland
Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde Leiden, The Netherlands - OK
Ritchie, D. and J., Inc. Toronto, Canada
Ritchies Toronto, Ontario, Canada; auction house - OK
Riversdale, Paule Paris, France
Robert C. Eldred Co. East Dennis, Massachusetts; auction house - OK
Robert E. Haynes San Francisco, California; auction house - OK
Roberts, Laurance P. (1907-2002) Tokyo, Japan; New York, New York; San Francisco, California
Roberts, Ursala Hong Kong
Rogala, Joseph Unknown
Rogers, R. Nathan Unknown
Rokujuen (Ishikawa Masamochi) London, England
Rokuuen, or, Ishikawa, Masamochi (1754-1830) ?? Japan
Rokuuen, or, Masamochi (1754-1830) ?) Unknown
Rokuuen Unknown
Ronin Gallery New York, New York; print dealer - OK
Roo, Kogetsudo Kyoto, Japan
Roosevelt, Cornelius Van Schaak (1915-1991) Washington, D.C. - OK
Rose-Innes, Arthur Tokyo, Japan
Rose, James A. Unknown
Rosenberg, Alexander P. Honolulu, Hawaii
Rosett, Bernard (1918-1996) Little Neck, New York - OK
Rosett, Irene Little Neck, New York - OK
Ross, David San Francisco, California
Rosset, Christian Geneva, Switzerland
Roth, Stig (1900-1972) Goteborg, Sweden - OK
Rouart, Alexis, (1839-1911) Paris, France
Rouviere, Daniel Paris, France - OK
Rowe, Ian M. London, England
Rowland, Laura Joh Unknown
Royal Academy of Arts London, England
Rubinfield, Iris Ohio
Rudolf Bangel Frankfurt, Germany; auction house - OK
Rudolph Lepke's Kunst Auctions-Haus Berlin, Germany - OK
Ruggerbrecht, Claus Germany
Rumpf, Fritz Leipzig & Berlin, Germany
Russell, Theodore C. Buffalo, New York
Rybakov, Anatoly Moscow, Russia
Ryerson, Egerton (1876-1960) London, England; South Brunswick, New Jersey; New York, New York
Ryokokai Kanagawa, Japan
Ryukyu Yubin Okinawa) Postal Service (Okinawa
S Back To Top
S. Marchant & Son (dealer) London, England - OK
Sae, Shuichi Tokyo, Japan
Sagemonoya Dealer ,Tokyo, Japan, see also Fleischel, Robert - OK
Saito, Bishu (1943- ) Saitama, Japan - OK
Saito, Gesshin (1804-1878) Japan
Sakade, Florence Tokyo, Japan
Sakane, Itsuo Tokyo, Japan
Sakurai, Hideyuki Japan
Salmon, Patricia Los Angeles, California
Salmon, Patricia Tokyo, Japan
Salmon, Vanessa Clewes Hong Kong
Salter, Mary Jo Unknown
Samuel T. Freeman Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sandak, Dr. Alfred Berlin, Germany
Sanders, Thais
Sandfield, Norman L. (1945- ) Chicago, Illinois - OK
Sandford, John New York, New York
Sankei Shimbun-sha Sankei Shimbun Newspaper
Sankei Shimbun-sha (Amagasaki City General Culture Center and Sankei Shimbun Newspaper) Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Sano, Saburo Unknown
Sapinsley, Alvin Honolulu, Hawaii
Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA Gallery and Library (Washington, D.C.
Sasaki, Chujiro (1857- ) and [should be Sasaki, Tadajiro, per Richard Silverman]?? Tokyo, Japan
Sasaki, Tsunekiyo Japan
Satoru Nakano Unknown
Savage, Gordon London, England
Schabilion, Shirl Unknown
Schiffer, Wihelm, S. J. Tokyo, Japan
Schiller, C. U. Guido Seattle, Washington
Schluifer, Gernot Kitzbuhel, Austria
Schlumberger, Eveline Paris, France
Schmeltz, Dr. J. D. E. [Johann Dietrich Eduard] (1839-1909) (Leiden, The Netherlands
Schmidt-Bothelt, Eberhard London, England; Seattle, Washington
Schmoll, Rolf Paris, France
Schneeberger, Pierre-Francis Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland
Schneider, Philip Hollywood, Florida
Schnorr, Gerald Unknown
Scholten Japanese Art New York, New York - OK
Scholten, Thea The Hague, The Netherlands
Schuerch, June Los Angeles, California
Schulke, A. A. Lansing, Michigan
Schwartz, Marvin D. New York, New York
Schwarz, Dr. Karl M. Graz, Austria; London, England; Vienna, Austria; Koeln, Weimar, Germany
Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah London, England
Screech, Timothy London, England
Sear, Michael O. Seattle, Washington
Seeger, Ernst, Collection Berlin, Germany
Segi, Shin'ichi Japan
Seibu Hyakka Ten (Seibu Department Store) Tokyo, Japan
Seigle, Cecelia Segawa ??
Seikado Bunko Bijutsukan (Seikado Bunko Art Museum) (Tokyo, Japan - OK
Seizan, Matsura (1760-1841) Japan
Sekido, Kengo (1926- )?? Recheck) Kyoto, Tokyo, Japan
Seleger, Hans London, England
Seleger, Hans W. Zurich, Switzerland
Self, James Unknown
Sensai Eitaku, (1843-1890) Tokyo, Japan
Varshavskogo, Sergei Petrovich Russia
Sessai Unkin Japan
Seton, Alistair (1942- ) Kobe, Japan - OK
Severin, Prof. Mark F. (1906-1987) Brussels, Belgium; Oirschot, The Netherlands
Sharma, Carolyn Honolulu, Hawaii
Shavkunov, Ernst Vladimirovich Novasibirsk, Russia
Shaw, Guy R. H. London, England
Sheldone, Stan La Mirada, California
Shell, Harvey Tulsa, Oklahoma
Sherwin, Peter J. W. Lexington, Virginia
Shibata, Shinzo Seattle, Washington
Shichida, Makoto (1929-) Gotsu-shi (city), Shimanu-ken (prefecture), Japan
Shichida, Makoto (1929-) Tokyo, Japan
Shimada-shi Hakubutsukan (Shimada City Museum) (Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan - OK
Shimatani, Yoichi Seattle, Washington
Shinmura, Izuru, (1876-1967) Tokyo, Japan
Shinshichi ?? or Inoue) ??
Shinsoshoku Co. Ltd Saitama, Japan
Shiraishi, Masami New York, New York
Shirey, David L. New York, New York
Shoga Kotto Zasshi (Magazine of Calligraphy, Painting and Curios) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Shoji, Tsumugi London, England
Shoto Museum of Art Tokyo, Japan - OK
Shriver, Janice Los Angeles, California
Shulsky, Linda New York, New York
Shunsen, Hokkyo Unknown
Sigler, Col. Phares O. Honolulu, Hawaii
Silliphant, Stirling (1918-1996) Unknown
Silverman, Richard R. (1932- ) [1964-1980] Tokyo, Japan; Los Angeles, California - OK
Singer, Paul New York, New York
Singer, Paul London, England
Singer, Robert T. Washington, D.C.)??
Sirr, Steven A., M.D. Unknown
Skiersoboloski, Carole Paris, France; Leiden, The Netherlands; Los Angeles, California
Skinner, Inc. Bolton, Massachusetts; auction house - OK
Sladen, Douglas Brooke Wheelton (1856-1947) [1889-1890] (London, England
Smiljanich, Janet Tampa Bay, Florida
Smith, Bradley (1910 or 1931-) Garden City, New York; (Secaucus, New Jersey; New York, New York
Smith, Lawrence R. H. (1941- ) London, England
Smith, Marion Howell (1906- ) Westfield, New York
Smith, Perry Malibu, California
Smith, R. Gordon ( -1918) Japan??
Smiths, Perry California
Sneider, Lea Unknown
Snyder, Camilla Los Angeles, California
Society for Japanese Arts The Netherlands, see also Andon, publication - OK
Society of Writers, Editors and Translators Tokyo, Japan
Sognnaes, R. (Reidar Fauske ?) London, England
Sokolova, G. A. (Galina Aleksandrovna) (1931- ) Moscow, Russia
Sokolova, N. I. (Natal'ia Ivanovna) Moscow, Russia
Soma, Kuninosuke Tokyo, Japan
Somerwil, Johan, Leiden The Netherlands
Sorenson, Henry Unknown
Sotheby & Co. London, England - OK
Sotheby Parke Bernet Los Angeles, California - OK
Sotheby Parke Bernet New York, New York - OK
Sotheby Parke Bernet London, England - OK
Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge London, England - OK
Sotheby's Chicago, Illinois - OK
Sotheby's New York, New York - OK
Sotheby's London, England - OK
Sotheby's Los Angeles, California - OK
Sotheby's Johannesburg, South Africa - OK
Sotheby's Amsterdam The Netherlands - OK
Sotheby's Belgravia London, England - OK
Sotheby's Olympia London, England - OK
Sotheby's South Billinghurst, England - OK
Soulier, Frans Unknown
Soyez, Regis Paris, France
Spahn, Dr. P. Vienna, Austria
Spenser Museum of Art Lawrence, Kansas - OK
Spiller, Jerome New York, New York - OK
Spindel, Michael New York, New York - OK
Spink & Son Ltd. London, England; see also Barker, Richard - OK
Sprung, Murray Honolulu, Hawaii
St. James Art Cabinet Zurich, Switzerland; dealer - OK
Stanley, Frederick London, England
Status (publication) Munich, Germany
Steffan, Roland Switzerland
Steinberg, Cathy New York
Stern, Harold Phillip, (1922-1977) New York, New York
Stevens, Henry P. London, England
Stevens, Mr. J. C. London, England
Stevens's Auction Rooms London, England - OK
Stidham, Dr. Paul B. La Mirada, California
Stieber, Dr. Ing-W. Tokyo, Japan
Stillman, E. G. (Ernest Goodrich), (1884- ) Unknown
Storno, Francois Seattle, Washington; London, England; Paris, France
Straelen, H. Van. Leiden, Netherlands
Strange, Colonel Edward Fairbrother (1862-1929) London, England
Stratos, Milton Seattle, Washington
Stratton, Deborah London, England
Stratz, Dr. Carl Heinrich, (1858-1924) Stuttgart, Germany
Streckfuss, Matthias Frankfurt, Germany
Sugase, Tadashi Meriden, Connecticutt
Sunamoto Ivory and Company, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan - OK
Sunamoto, Seiichiro (1933- ) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Suntory Bijutsukan (Suntory Museum) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Suttin, Doris B. Unknown
Suzuki, Barnabas T. Kyoto, Japan
Svensk - Japanska Sallskapet Stockholm, Sweden
Swann, Peter Charles New York, New York; London, England
Swann, Peter Charles Munchen, Zurich, Switzerland
Swedlow, David A. (1911-1991) California - OK
Sweet, Jeremy Los Angeles, California
Sydney L. Moss Ltd. London, England; see also Moss, Paul
Symmes, Edwin C., Jr. Tokyo, Japan
Syz, Patrick Paris, France
Szeszler, Denis (1946-1999) New York, New York - OK
T Back To Top
Tabako to Shio no Hakubutsukan (Tobacco and Salt Museum) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Ikegami, Tadaharu Unknown
Tadashi Iizawa Unknown
Taiyo Tokyo, Japan
Takahashi, Yuji Tokyo, Japan
Takamado, His Imperial Highness Prince Norihito, of Japan ( -2002) Tokyo, Japan
Takashimaya (Takashimaya Department Store) Tokyo, Japan; Yokohama, Japan - OK
Takeda, Takeshi (1905 - )?????
Takei, Morimasa, Baron (1842-1926) Tokyo, Japan
Takenobu, Yoshitaro (1863-1930) Unknown
Takeuchi, Kyuichi Tokyo, Japan
Takumi Tsutomu??) Miyachi
Tamai, Kyujiro Japan
Tanaka, Tomikichi Japan
Tanaka, Tomioshi Tokyo, Japan
Tani, Shin'ichi (1905- ) ??
Tanida, Arishi Tokyo, Japan
Taniichi, Takashi Unknown
Tanizawa, Tadoru Tokyo, Japan
Tardy Paris, France, publisher
Tarter, Jabe Unknown
Tasaka, Yukari Unknown
Taussig, Otto Munich, Germany
Tawara, Shoichi (1930- ) Osaka, Japan
Tawara, Shoichi (1930- ) Kyoto, Japan
Taylor, Lois Honolulu, Hawaii
Teague, K. London, England
Teall, Gardner Callahan (1878- ) New York, New York
Tei-San (Marquis G. de Tressan) ( -1915) Paris, France
Telinge, J. Paris, France
Temm, Peter, Philip A. C. T., Australia
Temple, Charles R. (Bob) (1927- ) Honolulu, Hawaii - OK
Terajima, Y. Unknown
Teramoto, Kaiyu (1904- ) Tokyo, Japan
Terukazu, Akiyama (1918- ) Geneve, Switzerland
Tharp, Lars Boston, Massachusetts
The Lotus Gallery Ann Arbor, Michigan - OK
Thimes, Dr. Joseph L. Los Angeles, California
Thomas, N. London, England
Thoren, Barbara Japan; Hong Kong
Tikotin Museum Haifa, Israel
Tillbrook, Glen / Glenn ?? London, England
Tilley, William Henry ( -1993) London, England
Titsingh, Dr. J. D. C. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Toen, Morikawa Nara, Japan
Tokugawa, Iyemasa London, England
Tokugawa, Yoshinobu (1933- ) Naha, Okinawa; Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo Art Club Tokyo, Japan - OK
Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music) Tokyo, Japan - OK
Tokyo Kokuritsu Hakubutsukan [The Tokyo National Museum] Tokyo, Japan - OK
Tokyo-to Bijutsukan (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum) (Tokyo, Japan - OK
Toledano, Henry Honolulu, Hawaii
Tollner, Madeline R. (1899-1974) San Francisco, California - OK
Tomilina, O. N. Moscow, Russia
Tomita, Kumasaku, ( - 1954) London, England
Tomita, Kojiro Boston, Massachusetts
Tomkinson, Michael (1841-1921) London, England
Tompkins, Dorothy Louise Campbell Culver Alexandria, Virginia
Tompkins, John Barr (1907- ) Alexandria, Virginia
Tong, Hollington Kong (1887-1971) ??
Towers, J. London, England
Towers, Joseph P. Seattle, Washington
Toyama Sato Bijutsukan (Sato Art Museum of Toyama) (Toyama, Japan - OK
Toyomasa Japan
Travers, Mary (1936- ) New York, New York
Tregaskis, Raymond Cremorne, NSW, Australia
Tregear, M. Oxford, England
Trevor, Donald Unknown
Tripp, Susan Gerwe Unknown
Tropp, Jack Honolulu, Hawaii
Trower, Harry Seymour London, England; Paris, France; Leipzig, Germany; New York, New York; and Melbourne, Australia
Truman, C. London, England
Trumbull, Robert New York, New York
Tsubame-shi Sangyo Shiryokan (Tsubame City Industrial Museum) Tsubame-shi, Japan - OK
Tsuda, Noritake (1883- ) Unknown
Tsuruki, Yoshimatsu Kyoto, Japan
Tsuyada, Mokujin Honolulu, Hawaii
Turk, Dr. Frank Archibald (Francis) (1900- ) London, England; Vienna, Austria
Tuttle, Charles E. (1915-1993) [1946-1978] (Rutland, Vermont; publisher
Twentieth Century Fox Entertainment Beverly Hills, California - OK
Tyne, G. L. London, England
Tzechnovitser, Jury?? Moscow, Russia
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Uchida, Yasuo Japan
Ueda, Osamu Unknown
Ueda, Reikichi ( - 1945) Tokyo, Japan; Osaka, Japan
Ukai, Nancy United States
Ukiyo-e, Essen Germany
Ulak, James T. Los Angeles, California
Uma no Hakubutsukan (Equine Museum of Japan) Yokohama, Japan - OK
University of California Berkeley, California - OK
Uno, Sesson (1912- ) Tokyo, Japan
Urwin, Iris London, England; Prague, Czechoslovakia
Uspensky, Mikhail Vladimirovitch ( - 1997) ??
Avtory, Varshavskaia, E. IU. (Yuri?) Unknown
V Back To Top
Varshavskogo, Sergei Petrovich Unknown
Uspensky, Mikhail Vladimirovitch ( - 1997) Leningrad, Russia; St. Petersburg, Russia
V., J. Paris, France
V. S. B. Honolulu, Hawaii
Valluy, Chantal ??
van Daalen, Isabel Leiden, The Netherlands
van Daalen, J., Jr. Cologne, Germany
van Daalen, J., Jr. Lochem, The Netherlands
van Daalen, J., Jr. Munich, Germany
van Daalen, J., Jr. Frankfurt, Germany
van der Star, Rene Paris, France; Geneva, Switzerland; Leiden, The Netherlands
van Gulik, W. R. The Netherlands
van Veen, W. A. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Van Leeuwen Berlin, Germany
Van Nostrand Reinhold New York
Van Stockum's Antiquariaat The Hague, The Netherlands
Vancouver Art Gallery Vancouver, Washington - OK
Vanderhoef, F. Bailey, Jr. California
Vantaggi, Adriano Genoa, Italy
Oriental Corner, The Los Altos, California; also see Vargas, Marsha - OK
Vargas, Marsha Los Altos, California; dealer; see also The Oriental Corner
Varley, Dr. Paul Honolulu, Hawaii
Varley, John New York, New York
Veder, W. Honolulu, Hawaii
Verwilghen, Jean ( - 1999) Kobe, Japan; Honolulu, Hawaii
Vilimova, Lida {1960} Prague, Czechoslovakia
Village Voice New York, New York - OK
Vitmayer, Janet London, England
Vogt, Charles Zurich, Switzerland
Volker, Dr. Tys (1892- ) The Netherlands - OK
Volkov, Vladimir, (1960- )?? Russia (Commonwealth of Independent States) ??
Voogd-Phillips, Erica Los Angeles, California - OK
Vorobyov, M. V. Vorobev, Mikhail Vasilevich
Vos, Ken The Hague, The Netherlands; Leiden, The Netherlands
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Wagener, Gottfried {1901} Leipzig, Germany
Wagner, Cynthia Sachi)
Wain, Peter {1999} England
Waite, C. M. Chicago, Illinois
Wales, Rod W. London, England
Walker, Richard New York, New York
Walpole Galleries New York, New York - OK
Ward, Frank London, England
Ward, Frank Stockholm, Sweden
Ward, Susan London, England
Washburn, Jim Los Angeles, California
Wassing-Visser, Rita Delft, The Netherlands
Waszak, Steve Seattle, Washington
Watanabe, Masako Unknown
Watanabe, Masanori (Nori) Tokyo, Japan
Watson, K. Geneva, Switzerland
Watson, William Aylesbury, Uxbridge, England
Watty, M. F. [Maria F. Wathy (1894- )] London, England or New York, New York
Wawra and Werner Vienna, Austria; auction house ??
Wayne Mock, Inc. Albany, New York; auction house - OK
Webb, Glenn T. Vancouver, Washington
Webb, Michael J. London, England
Weber, Charles D. New York, New York
Weber, Dr. Franz (Francis) (1900-1961) Vienna, Austria; Munich, Germany
Weber, Victor Frederic [or Fridiric] (1871- ) Paris, France; New York, New York
Wehrenberg, Charles Unknown
Weidehage, Peter Hamburg, Germany
Weidenbusch, Hans Cologne, Germany
Weigle, Edith Chicago, Illinois
Weil, George London, England; Israel
Weinmuller Munich, Germany; auction house - OK
Weinmuller, Adolphe Munich, Germany - OK
Welch, Matthew Minneapolis, Minnesota - OK
Weng, Wango H. C. New York, New York??
Wenneker, Bill Unknown
Werdelmann, Professor Bruno W. Los Angeles, California
Werner, Edward Theodore Chalmers (1864-1954) Shanghai, China
Wettergren, Erik (1883-1961) Stockholm, Sweden
White, Anne Honolulu, Hawaii
Whitlock, Herbert Percy (1868-1948) New York, New York
Whitlock, Herbert Percy (1868-1948) Chicago, Illinois
Whitney, Phyllis A. New York, New York
Wilhelm, Gabor Paris, France
Wilkins, Inez S. Albuquerque, New Mexico
Willem Pieter Groeneveldt (1841-1915) Leiden, The Netherlands
Williams, Charles Alfred Speed (1884- ) Shanghai, China
Williamson, George Charles (1858-1942) London, England
Willoughby-Meade, Gerald New York, New York; London, England
Wilson, Janet England
Wilson, Lois New York, New York
Wilson, Phyllis S. Honolulu, Hawaii
Winfrey, Laurie Platt New York, New York
Winkworth, W. W. (William Wilberforce) (Billi) (1897-1991) London, England
Wolf, Richard (1910- ) Cologne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Germany
Wolfers, Marcel Brussels, Belgium
Wolfers, Nicholas Unknown
Wolff, Martine Netherlands
Wolfskill, Ney (1872-1936) San Francisco, California
Wood, Jo, Tenterden Kent, England
Woodhouse, Charles Platten Unknown
Woodward, William Elliot ( - 1892) Unknown
Wraight, Susan Los Angeles, California???
Wrangham, E. A. (Edward Addison) (Ted) Alnwick, Northumberland, England - OK
Wright, Douglas J. K. London, England - OK
Wright, Edan Chicago, Illinois
Wykes-Joyce, Max (1924- ) London, England
Wylie, Hugh (1942-1999) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Yamada, Masayoshi ( - 1989) Tokyo, Japan
Yamagata, Takeshi Kanagawa-Ken, Japan
Yamaguchi, H. S. K. [Yamaguchi, Shozo] (1882-1944) (Yokohama, Japan
Yamanaka & Company Cambridge, Massachusetts
Yamanaka and Co. Chicago, Illinois; Osaka, Japan
Yamayasu, Yutaka Japan
Yanagi, Reiko Takayama, Japan - OK
Yang, Emoretta Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Yano, Fumisuta Hong Kong
Yashiro, Yukio (1890-1975) Japan
Yasumaro, O. ( - 723) Yokohama, Japan
Koma, Yasutada Takayama, Japan
Yo, Takao Kobe, Japan; (Paris, France??
Yokoi, Tokifuyu (1859-1906) Tokyo, Japan
Yonemura, Ann (1947- ) Washington, D.C.
Yonova, Yundviga (Yundiviga ?) Vasilievna Moscow & Leningrad, Russia
York, Leila Honolulu, Hawaii
Yoshida, Yukari Tokyo, Japan
Yoshiga, Toru Japan
Yoshino, Prof. Tomio (1885-1961) Tokyo, Japan
Tokugawa, Yoshinobu ???(1933- ) Japan
Yoshiwara, Dr. Hiroshi (1906- ) Fukuoka-shi, Japan
Yukari Tasaka Seattle, Washington
Yukari Yoshida Kyoto, Japan
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Zacke Auctions Vienna, Austria; auction house - OK
Zacke, Irene M. Vienna, Austria - OK
Zacken, Wolfmar Vienna, Austria - OK
Zorich, Diane Chicago, Illinois
Zwicky, Hans-Ulrich Zurich, Switzerland
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